Photos of the graduation ceremony

Photos of the graduation ceremony have been completed. Viewing and downloading pictures can be found at Euroacademy reception.

Please include your flash drive



Dear graduates of EuroAcademy!

The festive graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 20, in the big hall of the National Library (at Tõnismägi 2) at 15.00. After the graduation ceremony everybody is very welcome for the Rector´s reception. It will take place at Euroacademy (Tondi 55) on the 3rd floor atrium.


You can borrow the graduation gown and the graduation cap at EuroAcademy at a fee of 15 euros (+ 20 euros as a deposit that you will get back when you return the outfit to the Academy).

The borrowing of the graduation outfit will take place at Tondi 55 from June 4 (Chief Administrator Esta Ivalo, room no 313, phone: 5121249)


Dear student,

We kindly ask you to answer the Students’ Work Expectation and Attractive Employers Survey.

Employer branding agency Instar has conducted the Students survey since 2010.

This year the survey is also available in English. So we kindly hope to hear your opinion and share the questionnaire among your fellow students and studying friends.

The link to English survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YLDeng2018

You can also win a spa trip to Pärnu with an accommodation when you add your email.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Instar EBC team


Invitation to the third edition of the Association of African Students Estonia (AASE) Week event

from the 21st – 26th of May, 2018.

As a non-profit organisation, AASE helps to promote the welfare of African students in Estonia and development of our host country.

We understand the importance of connecting with the right people.

Recognizing this, the AASE focuses immensely on networking with the right minds, and maintain close ties to partner organisations.

Attached herein is an invitation letter with details of the event and a sponsorship proposal asking your support for the same event.

We hope you would be able to fit this event into your busy schedule and also support us in any way you can.

Most importantly, we will be glad to have you on any of the event days.



Best Regards

Ebizimoh Abodei

AASE Interim President

Association of African Students in Estonia Ehitajate 5, 19086, Tallinn, Estonia president@aaseesti.com; +37258610543 http://www.aaseesti.com


Students have visited Paldiski nuclear facility

Paldiski 2Paldiski 6

In April students of Faculty of Environmental Protection have visited Paldiski nuclear facility. Two busses with Estonian, Russian and English groups were met by the representatives of the A.L.A.R.A. company Mr. Mart Varvas and Mr. Valeri Badyrkhanov.

This introduction practice is important for Environmental protection faculty students first of all as an example of nuclear waste management and nuclear safety.


Paldiski 1Paldiski 5


Dear Students!

At Monday 30 of April from 16:00 till 18:00 near Euroacademy (green area near Marsi 8) will take place a cleaning campaign!

Participation is voluntary!

Everyone is welcomed to join this event!

For additional information you can turn to Mr. Jaak Haud (Museum, room 101). Talgud


New curriculum “Management of International Projects”

Euroacademy will launch a new curriculum “Management of International Projects” in the forthcoming 2018/2019 study years. The program is interdisciplinarily designed, focusing on economics of organization and project management, as well as topical problems of regional and global development. A special attention is paid to communication skills in international environment and in-depth study of two foreign languages. The nominal duration is 3 years (180 EAP). The languages of instruction – English, Estonian and Russian.




Registration and participation in the classroom studies

Whenever you come to EuroAcademy for classes, please register yourself by your fingerprint. The fingerprint scanners (small black box) are:
– left on the wall beside the front staircase
– on the wall at the reception desk
– at the admission office (room 202)
– portable in the examinations and assessment rooms
For the fingerprint scan:
1. Register your fingerprint at the admission office (room 202)
2. Following times enter the finger you have identified to any available scanner. Wait for the green light for few seconds.
3. In case of red light, the reasons may be following:
a. Your fingerprint is not in the database – please go to the admission office and register your fingerprint
b. Are you trying to register yourself with a finger not identified? – please use the same finger you identified originally at the admission office
c. The contact of the scanner with the finger is not sufficient – try again, change the angle or provide more contact to the scanning area
The rule is set up in order to verify your attendance in the classroom studies at EuroAcademy.
The registration by fingerprint helps you to prove your presence in Estonia once you need to extend your temporary residence permit for studies, and the Police and Boarder Guard Board asks you to verify it.
The attendance of the lectures is compulsory unless the lecturer has not set otherwise.
Euroacademy verifies the enrolment on the regular basis of every second week.
Euroacademy must report the absence of an international student to the Police and Boarder Guard Board within TWO WEEKS since the occurrence of the fact!
In case you need to travel abroad (any personal cause, participation on the ERASMUS or Dora+ programme, internship, conference or training abroad, etc.), fill out the travel declaration (available on our webpage and admission office), and submit it to your Dean.