Dear graduates of EuroAcademy,

The festive graduation ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 22, in the big hall of the National Library (at Tõnismägi 2) at 11.00.

At this ceremony, it is compulsory for the graduates to be wearing graduation gowns and caps!

You can borrow the graduation gown and the graduation cap at EuroAcademy at a fee of 15 euros (+ 20 euros as a deposit that you will get back when you return the outfit to the Academy).

The borrowing of the graduation outfit will take place at Tondi 55 from June 6:

Tuesday at 11.00-14.00
Thursday at 13.00-17.00.

Chief Administrator
Esta Ivalo

Attention to students of EuroAcademy,

Since February  2017, a new rule for students of EuroAcademy has been introduced.


Whenever you come to EuroAcademy for classes, please go to the reception counter and register yourself with your ID-card as follows:

1. Enter your ID-card into the ID-card reader that stands on the counter

2. Wait about 5 seconds until the device identifies your card

3. After your name and ID details are presented on the screen, remove your ID-card from the device.

The rule is set up in order to verify your attendance of the classroom studies at the EuroAcademy, as well as for improving management practices.

See the photos of the Christmas party here:

The procedure of applying for Autumn term 2017 will be opened for international students from January 1st till March 30, 2017. The new conditions are on International students admission.