Admission terms

  • Applying for the professional higher education programmes the higher secondary education or corresponding qualification is required.
  • Applying for the Master’s programmes the Bachelor degree or professional higher education diploma or a corresponding qualification is required.
  • Euroacademy accepts for Masters’  programmes only the applicants who have graduated with First or Second Class Honours with average grade 60-100% out of maximum
  • Applying with higher secondary education certificates for professional higher educational curriculas the exam results in compulsory subjects needs to be at least 61%. and not lower than 51% in all other subjects.

The compulsory subjects are the following:

Environmental protection: English, Mathematics + subjects of natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography etc)

Business Management: English, Mathematics +  subjects of economics and/or social sciences (Economics, Accounting, Philosophy, Government and Civics etc)

Fashion Design: English, Mathematics + subjects of humanitarian sciences and/or art (Philisophy, History, Art History, Photography, Crafts etc)

Interior Architecture: English, Mathematics + subjects of humanitarian sciences and/or art (Philisophy, History, Art History, Photography, Crafts etc)

Translation: English, subjects of humanitarian sciences  (Philisophy, History, Literature etc)

All the certificates with exam results lower than demanded, will be rejected.

  • The language proficiency of study language is level B2 . The proof is a copy of TOEFL/IELTS score report (TOEFL score 525 or above, 196 or above computer based, 70 or above iBT; IELTS score: 5.5 or above).
  • Applying for the specialty of translator English proficiency at level C1 is requested – result of the state examination in English at least 65% or proved at the English test in Euroacademy
  • Entering the specialties of interior design and fashion design, the applicant must submit a portfolio of previous creative work
  • Admission interview will be held on all programmes.

How to apply? Check on International Students Admission


Euroacademy’s Rules and Requirements for Admission of Students approved by resolution of August 25, 2015 of Euroacademy’s Senate

Условия и порядок приема студентов Евроакадемии утвержден решением Сената Евроакадемии от 25 августа 2015

Euroakadeemia Senati 25. augusti 2015 otsusega kinnitatud üliõpilaste vastuvõtutingimused ja -kord