Euroacademy offers courses for ERASMUS students in the programmes of International Relations, Translation, Business Management, Interior Design and Fashion Design.

In addition, the courses in Russian are offered within whole curriculum in the faculties of Business Management, Environmental Protection, Translation and Design.

Academic Calendar 2016/17


Faculty of International Relations

The list of subjects in Russian language

Spring Semester, 2017

Code Subject EAP
GPRU6210 Project Management 3
RPRU1140 Estonian Foreign Policy 3
RPRU1260 Translation of Specialized Texts 2.5
GPRU6120 Psychology 3
RPRU1040 International Organizations 3
RPRU1060 Political Philosophy 3
RPRU1160 Introduction into Security Policy 4
RPRU1010 History of International Relations – II 3
GPRU6020 Law Fundamentals 3
GPRU6060 Computer Studies 3
GPRU6012 Philosophy – II 1.5
Total 32


The list of subjects in English language

Spring Semester, 2017

Code Subject EAP
GPEN6090 Fundamentals of Research 3
RPEN1010 History of International Relations 3
GPEN6010 Philosophy 3
RPEN1170 Public Relations and Mass Media 3
GPEN6050 Methods of Statistics 3
GPEN6100 Fundamentals of Ecology and Environmental Protection 3


Political History of the Baltic States


RPEN1110 Foreign Policy of the Great Powers in the

XX-XXI Centuries

RPEN1230 Political Geography 3
RPEN3060 Principles of Marketing 3
Total 30