Economy and Business Administration


Majandus ja ärijuhtimine

Экономика и бизнес-менеджмент

Duration of studies: 2 years, 120 ECTS

Tuition fee: 3120 EUR per year


Master studies offer in-depth knowledge in the area of economy and business administration, educating the graduates – specialists in economy possessing strategic frame of mind, who are competent in their professional activities to pass well motivated decisions, by use of modern accounting methods and techniques of analysis.

Further to teaching functional components of business administration: organisation management, marketing management and financial management – the curriculum features the subjects characterising the economic environment, prompting its analysis and forming understanding of the economy as an entity. Beside traditional options like company management or company finance the curriculum contains, as attractive options the environmental-friendly entrepreneurship and the EU entrepreneurship. The development of the latter options in the overall scholastic effort is possible by use of synergistic effect of cooperation between faculties of this Academy.

Curriculum lays solid groundwork for understanding the processes underway in economy and business, indispensable for operating as an entrepreneur and contractor, specialist or manager.

  • Enhanced knowledge of economy and business administration, acquisition of contemporary accountancy and analytical methods
  • Optional directions are company management, company finance, environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship, European entrepreneurship
  • Career options as a competent and strategically thinking economy specialist in the fields of company management, marketing or finance either in the public or private sector
  • Competence for starting business in the EU