Elections 2017

EuroAcademy is hereby announcing the Student Council elections for the academic year 2017/2018!

The aim of EuroAcademy Student Council elections is to establish an effective and multicultural student representative body whose main tasks include:

  • Representing and defending the interests of the students of EuroAcademy in the management board as well as outside the academy;
  • Participating in the work of the rectorate and Senate of EuroAcademy;
  • Representing the students of EuroAcademy in the Federation of Estonian Student Unions, cooperating and communicating with the student councils of other higher education institutions;
  • Organising student events (freshmen’s party, Christmas and spring parties, summer days) at EuroAcademy and promoting the sports and leisure activities of the students;
  • Participating and including other students in student events in and outside EuroAcademy.

Applicants can nominate themselves till April 24, 2017.

The voting will take place on ÕIS from April 25 to May 4, 2017. Voting is mandatory for all students of EuroAcademy.

Nomination is open for all students of EuroAcademy who at the time of nominations have completed their curriculum to the required extent and who have no tuition fee or dormitory fee arrears. The candidates must not have punishments in force pursuant to the Penal Code. The candidate must not be a final-year student.

For the nomination, please send the completed electronic FORM and document photo file (jpg) with the subject line KANDIDAAT to euro@euroakadeemia.ee by April 24, 2017 at the latest. Applications received after the deadline shall not be considered.

From April 25 onwards, all students of EuroAcademy can vote for their favourite candidate on ÕIS featuring the photos, key information, aims and political platform of all the candidates.

Candidates are allowed to conduct oral or written campaigns only after the lectures – it is not allowed to introduce one’s goals and aims during the lectures.

The following Student Council positions will be filled:

  • 3 places for Estonian study groups
  • 3 places for Russian study groups
  • 3 places for English study groups

For each language of instruction, the following students will be elected:

  • the candidate collecting the highest number of votes
  • the candidate collecting the highest number of votes in the next faculty
  • the candidate collecting the highest number of votes in the next faculty
  • Should two candidates from the same faculty receive an equal number of votes, preference is given to the student whose average grade in the previous term was higher.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the Student Council will be elected at a closed Student Council meeting by simple majority vote. The elected Student Council members bear the responsibility to participate in the work of the Student Council and ensure the accessibility of the Student Council for all students of EuroAcademy. Candidates who are not elected and other students have the right to participate in the council activities as unofficial members.