ERASMUS+ student mobility is open to all students enrolled in at least the second year in their home institution which have signed ERASMUS+ interinstitutional agreement with Euroacademy.

To participate in ERASMUS+ student mobility, you should first contact the international office of your home institution. The office will introduce to you the participation conditions, selection procedure and financial support. Students taking part in the programme may be eligible for grants to cover part of the additional costs for living abroad and travelling. Under all circumstances, tuition fees at the host university are waived.

For incoming students:

In case you have been nominated for an ERASMUS+ stay at Euroacademy, you should submit the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Transcript of Records in English
  4. Language Certificate
  5. Copy of passport or identity card

Please send the documents by email (preferably) to or by regular post to ERASMUS+ Coordinator.

Application deadlines for incoming students:

Autumn semester – 15 June Spring semester – 15 November


For outgoing students:

We pay your attention, outdoor going students under the framework of Erasmus+, we strongly recommend you to plan your activities at least one semester before.

In order to apply for the activities: study/internship, you need to fill in form (application) and give it back to the coordinator of Erasmus+ at our university.

A very interesting proposal is for the Master’s students!

It is possible to apply for the short study visit (conference participation is included).  This possibility is under DORA framework.  Do not lose your chance!


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dmitri Krasnov is ERASMUS+ Coordinator,  Tondi 55, Tallinn