Euroacademy opened the admission for 2016/2017 academic year

Euroacademy opened the admission for 2016/2017 academic year!
Admission to foreign applicants is open till May 20 / June 20, and from June 1 we also accept the submissions from local applicants. At Euroacademy, you can study in Estonian, English and Russian languages on all the curricula. We have six programmes in professional higher education level and two Master degree programmes.
Euroacademy welcomes new students to Estonian, English and Russian groups of environmental protection, business management, international relations, interior architecture and fashion design programmes. On the translator’s programme one can choose between English-Estonian and English-Russian language directions. On the Environmental Protection Master programme you can acquire the Environmental Policy as the minor field of studies. Professional higher education curriculum of business management offers two directions for specialisation: tourism management and culture management. On the economy and business management Master’s programme one can choose between specialisation on company management, finance of
Entrepreneurship, environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship or
European entrepreneurship.
The study arrangement allows to study alongside working. In all the programmes specialty English courses with the specialty vocabulary are included.
Our membership is international, arrangement of studies flexible and personal, and our academic staff is highly qualified including recognised professionals, best practitioners and experts of the field.
Our graduates are successful in their acquired specialties and recognised in society; the faculties have active boards of alumni.
Euroacademy is internationally recognised (2008, 2010, 2014) being ranked in Top 20 of the Best European Smaller Universities. Next year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary.
During these years, we have developed collaboration with multiple partners in Estonia and abroad in the fields of education, science and internship.
At Euroacademy, you will acquire the knowledge and skills, together.
Check all of our curricula here.