Which stage of proceeding is my application?
Proceeding of the application involves several stages, which may take different time. After each stage we inform the applicant about the progress in Dream Apply.
1st stage. We inform the applicant about receiving the application digitally after we have checked the documents. If the application meet the requirements, we ask to send the documents on paper by post. If the application does not meet the requirements, we inform the applicant about faults.
2nd stage. We inform the applicant about receiving the application and belonging documents by post within one week after delivery in Dream Apply. Then we send the educational credentials for the evaluation to Estonian ENIC/NARIC centre.
3rd stage. We inform the applicant about receiving the evaluation from Estonian ENIC/NARIC centre. Applications with positive evaluation are taken into further proceeding. Applications with negative evaluation are rejected.
4th stage. We inform the applicant about when and how the admission interview will be held.
5th stage. We inform the applicant that the Certification of Enrolment (Annex 4) is sent to Estonian embassy.

For how long do I have to wait for the answer?
This depends on several circumstances and may take time (see also previous FAQ). The proceeding of the documents is faster if the documents are faultless and submitted in time. Sure the bureaucracy takes time.

Which documents am I provided by Euroacademy during the admission process?
Euroacademy does not necessarily provide any documents. Certification of Enrolment is sent from Euroacademy straight to the Estonian embassy and Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board. The letter of conditional acceptance is sent to the applicant.

Can I come to Estonia and apply for the temporary residence permit for study in Estonia?
This is option only for the applicants to the Master Degree programmes. The applicants to the professional higher education programmes have to apply for the residence permit for study abroad.

What if I missed the application submission deadline?
As a rule, we do not take into proceeding overdue submissions. However, you can take your chance on the next admission period, which is announced at our website.

How the SKYPE admission interview takes place?
Few days before the interview, you receive a note in Dream Apply with the time of the interview and SKYPE address. Please call during the appointed time. Note that quality of the connection would enable video call. In case you are not connected or the line is busy, please try a bit later.

What if I miss my SKYPE appointment?
In case you did not call in appointed time or could not get connected, your application goes to the second round and we inform you about the next appointment. Note that in this case your next appointment may be in one week or even in a month.

Does Euroacademy provides a place at dormitory?
New students have to find their living place by themselves. Euroacademy can take the students who already study at Euroacademy into the dormitory queue.

Why don’t I receive any notifications from Police and Boarder Guard Board, embassy or Euroacademy?
All the e-mails are sent to the e-mail address appointed in the application. So, if you fill out your application by handwriting, note that your handwriting is easily readable.

What else should I turn attention to?
Expiry date of your passport. Your passport must be valid at least 6 month after the commencement of the studies.
We accept only notarised/attested copies of your credentials. Do not bother with copies of the copies etc.
Academic transcript should be sent from applicant’s home university directly to Euroacademy by post.
Make sure in advance in which embassy you are going to apply for the temporary residence permit for study because we do not issue the Certification of Enrolment twice.
Note that the Certification of Enrolment is valid for two month after we have issued it!
Note that you have provided us with the correct e-mail address on your application because this is the address you are contacted by if not in Dream Apply!