International students admission


Application deadlines for the international applicants

NB! Dates given below are approximate.

The starting date of 2019 admission is not determined yet.

Admission procedure


  • Create an account and fill out the application form in DREAM APPLY (opened between the dates mentioned above). Add your photo (passport photo).
  • Scan your passport, academic documents, IELTS/TOEFL test (check the conditions here), motivational letter, letter of sponsorship and add all in Dream Apply. Add portfolio if you apply for the programme of Interior Architecture or Fashion Design. Wait for an answer from Euroacademy (will be given in 7 days in Dream Apply).
  • If Euroacademy accepts your documents, pay the non-refundable registration fee of 100 EUR to the bank account (no other payment method is accepted). Add the receipt in Dream Apply.

Bank Requisites:


Tondi 55, 11316 Tallinn 80085795

KMKR:  EE100602706


IBAN:  EE892200001120290197   Pank:  SWEDBANK

Bank Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn                           

SWIFT CODE: HABAEE2X                                 


IBAN:  EE201010002039317008   Pank:  SEB

Bank Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn



IBAN:  EE433300333476080004   Pank:  DANSKE BANK

Bank Address: Narva mnt. 11, 15015 Tallinn                                 




  • After making the payment, send your documents BY POST to the address: Euroakadeemia, Tondi 55, 11316 Tallinn Estonia.
  • Euroacademy informs the applicant (14 days after checking the documents) in Dream Apply if any documents need to be sent in addition.


All the following documents have to be sent to Euroacademy  by post without using any help of a mediators, friends, family member etc. The documents brought by any third party will not be accepted.


Requirements for the documents sent by post

Higher Professional Education Master’s
Notarised copy of higher secondary education certificate (original, not online printed) Notarised copy of Bachelor’s diploma
Scratch-card (unscrathed) only for WAEC and NECO certificate. PIN-code sent in any other form is not accepted Academic transcript must be sent directly from your home university to Euroacademy by post

If the original language is not in English, the translation must be added.


Notarised copy of a passport Notarised copy of international passport


Applying on the curricula of Interior Architecture or Fashion Design, the existence of a creative works portfolio is requested (presented on paper, printed or photos)

Euroacademy has the right to reject the unsuitable documents without explanation of the reasons.



  • If the registration fee has been transferred to the account of Euroacademy, the documents are sent to the evaluation centre ENIC/NARIC for control.  Higher Secondary Educational documents of some countries might be checked by the specialists of international admission on the same methods used by ENIC/NARIC.


  • After receiveing a positive answer from ENIC/NARIC, the applicant is going to have a skype interview with a dean. The applicant is informed in Dream Apply about the date and time of the interview a couple of days before it takes place. (For skype interview the minimum upload/download speed of the internet has to be 2Mbps / 1.2Mbps).
  • It is possible to gain up to 10 points for your interview and motivational letter (ranking in Dream Apply).
  • Euroacademy has the right NOT to explain the reasons of unsuccessful interview.


  • After a successful interview the applicant has to pay within 14 days a prepayment of 1500/1590/1650 EUR (1170 EUR in Russian language of instruction) to the account of Euroacademy (any other method of payment is not accepted).


  • After the prepaymnet has been transferred to the account of Euroacademy, the letter of acceptance will be sent to the applicant.
  • Euroacademy is going to send an invitation to the nearest Estonian embassy of the residence country of an applicant and to the Police and Border Guard. The invitation is not resent in the same term anymore if for any reason an applicant could not go to the embassy or if an embassy refused to give the person a visa.
  • After applying for TRP an applicant has to send a receipt for the payment at the embassy to Euroacademy in Dream Apply.


  • After arriving, all the newcomers have to visit the Unit of International Students (II floor, room no 202) and sign their contracts.

Euroacademy does not assure nor provide accommodation to the students. For additional  information click HERE.

Professional higher education, tuition fee 3000 EUR  a year

Business Management

Environmental Specialist

Interior Architecture

Fashion Design

Professional higher education, tuition fee 3180 EUR  a year

Management of International projects

Master’s studies, tuition fee 3300 EUR (2340 EUR in Russian language of instruction) a year

Environmental Protection, Environmental Policy (minor field of studies)