Management of International projects



Faculty of Business Management 

1. Name of the Curriculum Rahvusvaheliste projektide korraldamine
2. Name of the Curriculum in English Management of International Projects
3. Higher education level Professional higher education
4. Study form(s) Full-time study and part-time study
5. Educational establishment Euroacademy
6. Volume of Curriculum (ECTS) 180 ECTS
7. Nominal duration of studies 3 years
8. Curriculum group Business and Administration
9. Curriculum code in Estonian Education Information System (EHIS) 197617
10. Language(s) of instruction English
11. Other languages needed for achieving the study outcomes  
12. First registration of the Curriculum 22.03.2018
13. Date of approval of the curriculum version in the educational establishment 05.02.2018 by Euroacademy´s Senate

05.02.2018 the NPO Eesti Euroinfo Ühing Managing Board

14. Admission requirements Secondary education or corresponding foreign qualifications, interview with the Admission Commission, language proficiency B2 (IELTS/TOEFL).
15. Curriculum’s major speciality (or specialities) and their volume (ECTS) Management of International Projects (180 ECTS)
16. Minor(s), other possible specializations and their volume (ECTS) ———
17. Goals of the Curriculum  – To prepare a specialist who can work in project organization for state and municipal authorities, international organizations, NGO as well as in business;

 – To provide for knowledge and skills sufficient for the project initiation and implementation, independently and in team, in the area of international humanitarian, environmental and economic cooperation;

 – To ensure curriculum’s interdisciplinarity through balanced share of knowledge and skills.

18. Outcomes of study  A student, who successfully graduated the program, is expected to:

·         Realize legal, cultural, communication, economic and political aspects of international projects implementation;

·         Understand interdisciplinary character of the specialty, know and use in practice fundamentals of the Law, Economics, Management and Social Science;

·         Have obtained proficiencies in planning, application, fundraising and project reporting.

·         Comprehend the topical problems, approaches and opportunities for project implementation;

·         Have received experience of work in multicultural and multilinguistic environment;

·         Can formulate the problem and research questions related to the professional area, find and use suitable methods and techniques in project management, communication and international relations.

·         Have sufficient communications skills, including information- ja communication technologies relevant in the professional area.

·         Be able to actively participate in civil society, realizing its own role and responsibility there;

·         Be ready for further individual professional development, and have received a background for furthering education on the master level.

19. Name of diploma or academic degree(s) upon graduation Diploma of professional higher education


20. Documents issued upon graduation Diploma of professional higher education, Transcript of records,  Diploma Supplement in English
21. Short description of the Curriculum structure The curriculum includes the following modules:

 – Organization of International Projects 31 EAP

 – Contemporary Politics and Economics 30 EAP

 – International Communication  31 EAP

 – Languages 24 EAP

 – General Subjects 21 EAP

 – Optional subjects 6 EAP

 – Practice 27 ECTS

 – Graduation Thesis 10 ECTS

22. Options for completing the Curriculum The program graduation includes obligatorily subjects (122 EAP), electives (15 EAP), optional subjects (6 EAP) can be taken from other curricula in Euroacademy or in other institutions of higher education, practice (27 EAP) and graduation thesis (10 EAP)
23. Graduation requirements Completing the curriculum in its full scope, including the defence of the graduation thesis. 
24. Additional information Acting Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Professor Leonid Karabeshkin

+372 6509178  E-mail:





Organization of International Projects 31.0 EAP
Code Title Volume
GPEN6160 Basics of Management 4.0
IPEN1010 Project Management 6.0
IPEN1020 International Project Marketing and Fundraising 3.0
IPEN1030 Event Management 4.0
IPEN1040 Organizational Behaviour 4.0
IPEN1050 Financial Reporting and Accounting 4.0
Electives 6.0
BPEN1210 Contract Law 3.0
IPEN1500 Social Psychology 3.0
IPEN1510 Brand Management 3.0
IPEN1520 Public Advocacy 3.0

*Elective subjects by selection of a student, at least 6 EAP


Contemporary Politics and Economics 30.0 EAP
Code Title Volume
IPEN2010 Theory and History of International Relations 6.0
IPEN2020 Political Science 3.0
IPEN2030 Public Administration and Estonian State 4.0
IPEN2040 International Law 4.0
IPEN2050 The Law and Institutions of the European Union 4.0
Electives 9.0
IPEN2510 International Migration 3.0
IPEN2520 The Programs of Sustainable Development in the European Union 3.0
IPEN2530 History of the Baltic States 3.0
IPEN2540 Energy Security 3.0
IPEN2560 Fundamentals of Public Diplomacy 3.0
IPEN2570 International Organizations 3.0

*Elective subjects by selection of a student, at least 9 EAP


International Communication 31.0 EAP
Code Title Volume
IPEN3010 Public Relations and Communication 6.0
IPEN3020 Social Networks and Contemporary Media 6.0
IPEN3030 International Intercultural Communications 6.0
GPEN6190 Protocol and Etiquette 3.0
IPEN3050 Translation of Specialized Texts 3.0
TPEN3140 Office Work and Documents in English 3.0
IPEN3070 Political Technologies and Communications 4.0





Language Studies 24.0 EAP
Code Title Volume
K400 Specialty English 12.0
2nd foreign language (by selection) 12.0
K410 French  (B2) 12.0
K420 Italian (B2) 12.0
K430 German (B2) 12.0
K440 Spanish (B2) 12.0
K450 Estonian (B2) 12.0
K460 Russian (B2) 12.0

*2nd language by selection, 12 EAP.


General Subjects 21.0 EAP
Code Title Volume
GPEN6010 Philosophy 3.0
GPEN6070 Fundamentals of Economics 3.0
GPEN6120 Psychology 3.0
GPEN6130 Cultural Studies 3.0
GPEN6140 Sociology 3.0
GPEN6020 Fundamentals of Law 3.0
GPEN6090 Introduction to Research 3.0


Optional Subjects 6.0 EAP
Evaluation Credit acceptation

*The subjects can be selected from curricula of other faculties and higher education institutions


Practice  IPEN4000 27.0 EAP
Evaluation Non-differentiated pass according to the report. The Diploma Practice is publicly defended on the basis of the report, authorized by the practice supervisor.
Code Title Volume
IPEN4010 Professional Practice 18.0
IPEN4020 External Practice 9.0



Graduation Thesis IPEN7000 10.0 EAP
Evaluation Public defence with differentiated attestation.



Prof. Leonid A. Karabeshkin

PhD, Head of Curriculum