Fashion Design



Дизайн моды

Duration of studies: 4 years, 240 ECTS

Tuition fee: 3000 EUR per year


Studies at the Faculty of Design provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills both in major courses (for Interior Architecture—Projecting, Typology of Dwelling, Construction Physics; for Fashion Design—Clothing Modelling, Sewing Technology, etc.) and in general arts subjects: Drawing, Painting, Colour Studies, Composition, etc.

Graduates acquire knowledge and expertise for qualified employment in the given domain complying with the current professional standards.

At Euroacademy, great importance is also attached to foreign language acquisition, the main language being English; as a second foreign language, we offer German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Estonian and Russian are taught as well.

According to the curriculum, every summer students participate in traineeship conducted in Estonia´s picturesque localities.

Students of the Faculty of Design are successful in international projects, exhibitions, and contests.

Top students study abroad within international student exchange programmes.

  • Spacious art studios, art library, computer class with specialty software
  • Creativity and innovativeness, ethical, aesthetic and ecological values
  • Knowledge and practical skills for modelling clothes for various purposes, for their designing and sewing and for production organisation
  • Fashion shows twice a year
  • Strong basis to continue studies in the Master’s programme or start as a fashion entrepreneur