SIS account

SIS account is created to the student by study department after the matriculation to Euroadacemy.

Following data is needed for the account:

  • Name, surname
  • Personal identification code (the 11 digit number on your ID-card)
  • E-mail address
  • The school/university previously graduated

Rest of the data can be entered by the student later. Also the password and e-mail address can be changed afterwards.

In fact, the most important data is the valid ID-code and valid e-mail address. In the first login attempt your username and password will be sent to that e-mail address, and later on, all the SIS notifications as well.



Euroacademy SIS is at SIS login icon is also on Euroacademy’s home page header, upper corner. At the first login you will see the following:


If you do not know or you do not have the username, you have to click on “Registration / password reset” and enter your ID-code:


SIS generates a link for the password reset, and sends it to your e-mail address. Enter your new password and log in to your SIS account. Then you can already insert the missing data about you or change the existing data. You can also set your preferences for the SIS notifications.

Naturally, you can login to to SIS with your ID-card (PIN1 of your ID-card is requested).

At the first login you are directed to the page of your contact data. Fill in the empty fields with valid and relevant data. Note that in the field “Official e-mail address” your valid and mostly used e-mail address is entered!



Succeeding logins you’ll see the following view:


Clicking to “My information” you will see the existing data about you. “My contact information” displays your file, which you can improve or modify. Naturally, it is forbidden to present invalid data. SIS is the official study information system where from in the future your Diploma will be printed out.

The settings of the notifications can be set by clicking to “Change message preferences”.

All the studies related messages and notifications, changes in the timetable, scedules of exams and assessments, messages and information from the professors, and rest of the study informatio is communicated via SIS! Thus, it is strongly recommended that you order all the messages to your e-mail as well.