Study Information System SIS

The study information environment of Euroacademy for collecting, processing, storing and releasing data concerning curricula, academic subjects, students, lecturers and instruction, is study information system SIS

SIS shall include the curricula, academic subjects and syllabi, the information on the lecturers and students, study groups, timetable and also the data on the students’ progress and test results.

The records of the students, their fulfilment of the requirements of the curriculum, including the transfer of credit points in terms of APEL and the payment of tuition fees are processed in SIS.

Information and notifications concerning the organisation of studies, study visits, practice and other arrangements, also timetable with the respective changes, times of exams, credit tests and defences as well as other immediate information are delivered to students through SIS.

The head administrator of SIS is the head of the study department who shall appoint the role and rights of other users of SIS. The administrator and user’s support of SIS is chief specialist of study department, Kaili Simberg, e-mail