Tuition fee

Euroacademy is a private higher education institution where studying on a professional higher Education programme or Master degree programme is charged. Students pay the tuition fee, which covers the expenses of study management – salaries, costs of defence commissions, examinations and assessments, expenses and services for establishing and development of study management and knowledge base.

According to Private Schools Act §17 (2), an applicant of Euroacademy must pay the tuition fee of the first term fully as an advance payment in single instalment within 10 days from signing the study agreement. In case the applicant does not pay the tuition fee by the due date, Euroacademy denies to immatriculate the applicant, and will inform the Police and Boarder Guard Board of the fact.


Professional Higher Education

International Relations 1470 EUR / term
Business Management 1470 EUR / term
Environmental Specialist 1470 EUR / term
Interior Architecture 1470 EUR / term
Fashion Design 1470 EUR / term


Master Degree programmes

Environmental Protection 1560 EUR / term
Economy and Business Administration 1560 EUR / term