A Guide for Wearing the Student’s Cap

When you lose your head, don’t lose your student cap!

The student cap is no ordinary hat used only in cold weather.

It is a part of the spirit and soul of EuroAcademy uniting the students and lecturers year after year.

The rules for maintaining and wearing the student cap:

  • The student cap must be kept clean and in its original form as much as possible. When wearing the cap, the bill must remain straight.
  • After graduation the student can keep the student cap (as a memento). On exmatriculation on account of insufficient academic achievement or undignified behaviour, the student will lose his right to wear the cap and it is recommended that the student return it.
  • When wearing the student cap, greeting is conducted with a hat tip.
  • It is recommended that students wear the student cap also outside the university either in the street or other public spaces.
  • The student cap is removed when singing the national anthem.
  • When using the toilet, the student cap is placed in the breast pocket or given to one’s friend to hold.
  • The student cap must not be given to others to wear.