Faculty of Translation

FACULTY OF TRANSLATION welcomes those interested in foreign languages and willing to become professional translators. Instruction is based on English.
The Faculty trains specialists in written translation to satisfy Estonia`s national and international needs within the EU context. The Faculty`s mission is to secure our graduates` high professional qualification and competitiveness in present-day conditions. The goal lies in providing students with up-to-date quality knowledge and practical translation skills that enable to work in the field of translation as specialists and/or entrepreneurs.
Graduates can work as translators in different fields of translation activities: in the EU structures, at state-run establishments and enterprises, private companies, translation agencies and self-government bodies.
The Faculty was opened in 1997. Altogether, we have 245 graduates.
The teaching staff are highly qualified professionals, practicing translators, including members of the Estonian Association of Translators and Interpreters.

E-mail: info@euroakadeemia.ee