Переводчик (письменный)

Duration of studies: 3 years, 180 ECTS

Tuition fee: 2400 EUR per year


Why should you choose in favour of our Translator program? There are a number of weighty reasons.

Our program is unique in Estonia, being the only one to provide instruction in written translation at the first, three-year level of higher education. During this time, you will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a qualified translator.

Apart from translation courses, our students study English from the first year up to the very end of instruction. An extra bonus is the study of a second foreign language according to the student´s choice. Also, those willing may acquire translation skills between Estonian and Russian, the skills that are highly valued by translation agencies and other organizations.

Different from other higher education institutions of Estonia where written translation is taught – Master Studies at Tallinn and Tartu Universities – only we can boast of a specialized computer class designed for translation equipped with modern translation software. In the course of studies, you will develop computer-aided translation skills and master translator´s electronic tools.

You will benefit a great deal also from internship that comprises 15% (27 ECTS) of the program volume. In the course of internship, you will be able to polish translation skills as well as to network with potential employers.

If, however, you wish to start out as an employer yourself, the program offers courses in entrepreneurship to guide you in launching and running your own business.

This way or other, there is our staff to assist you at every step—highly qualified specialists, practising translators, including members of the Estonian Association of Translators and Interpreters.

  • Translation in English-Estonian and English-Russian language directions
  • Studies are conducted on the basis of the Estonian or Russian language
  • The knowledge of translation studies and linguistics with practical translation skills
  • Possibility to acquire the written translation skills in the Russian-Estonian and Estonian-Russian language directions
  • Computer-based translation skills, acquisition of the electronic tools and resources of a translator
  • Systemic theoretical bases of the speciality, including corresponding terminology
  • After graduation it is possible to specialise in the field of translation or start as an entrepreneur
  • Preparation to pursue studies in the field of translation in the Master’s programme