Employer’s satisfaction survey

Dear empolyer!

Hereby we kindly ask you to participate in the satisfaction survey on employers of trainees and alumni of Euroacademy. The aim of the survey is to get feedback about the quality of higher education provided by Euroacademy, the skills and knowledge and specialised capability of our students/alumni. The feedback helps us to improve the quality of our programmes.

Please answer to the questions below exclusively about the Euroacademy’s student/graduate as your employee currently working or used to work under your command or as your trainee currently practising or used to practice under your supervisory.

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete. You will find the questionnaire HERE.

In case of numerical answers, please use the following rating scale:

5 – excellent, completely applies, I totally agree, I am very satisfied

4 – good, generally applies, I generally agree, I am quite satisfied

3 – sufficient, average, cannot say, I am more or less satisfied

2 – poor, unsatisfactory, it does not generally apply, I do not generally agree, I am not generally satisfied

1 – insufficient, it does not apply at all, I do not agree at all, I am not satisfied at all

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you good luck in the future!