Student Council

Elections of the new student government board take place from March 28 till April 16.

Submit your candidacy to till March 27.



Dear student or future student!

The student council of EuroAcademy is a voluntary student association with up to 16 full members.

At present the members include Elizabeth Saal, Kris Lauba, Maarja Maanso, Joosep Sõnajalg and Diana Veemaa and our main responsibility is to represent the students studying at our school.


Our main task is to represent the students of EuroAcademy.

Our responsibilities also include the following:

  • We are the mediators between the board of the school and the student body, in other words, we are the ones you can turn to in case of worries or ideas and it is our task to forward it either to the school management or we will find a solution ourselves.
  • We organise various entertainment events, for instance, the Freshmen’s party, Christmas and Spring parties are sure to take place every year.
  • You can get a discount at Sparta sports club through us.
  • We can help you with finding a solution to various problems related with school.
  • We represent EuroAcademy at various educational and promotional events.
  • We represent EuroAcademy at the general meetings of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions.

How to become a member?

You can apply for basic membership at any time.

In order to become a full member, you should do the following:

Every spring there are the student council elections with all students studying at EuroAcademy eligible for running for office.

Send your application to with the following:

  • Your photo
  • A short overview of yourself
  • Reasons for applying
  • Your specialty and year of studies
  • Contact information

The first application round is followed by an election period when all students of EuroAcademy can vote for their favourite candidate. The ballot boxes are located in the lobby of the main building and also in the Design Faculty.

This is followed by a student council meeting counting all the votes and also electing the next chairman and deputy chairman for the next academic year.

At present, the student council of EuroAcademy is led by Elizabeth Saal with Kris Lauba as the deputy chairman.

In case of problems, good ideas or messages, please let us know by:

  • posting on our Facebook page
  • emailing to
  • leaving a message in the mailboxes in the building lobby and near by student council room .

The student council is located on the second floor of the building.