Residence Permit and Registration

Residence Permit and Registration

EU/EAA citizens
EU/EAA citizens should obtain a temporary right of residence in Estonia. In order to do it, you should register your place of residence in the Local Government authority of the place of residence within 3 months from the day of entry to Estonia. In addition, you have to apply for Estonian ID-card within 1 month from obtaining the temporary right of residence. The temporary right of residence is granted for the period of 5 years.

Non EU/EAA citizens 
Students who are not EU/EAA citizens need a temporary residence permit for study.
You have to apply for a temporary residence permit for study at the Estonian Embassy or Consul in your home country or country of residence. See the page of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If there is no Estonian Embassy or Consul in your home country, you should contact the nearest Estonian Embassy.

A temporary residence permit is valid for maximum of one year and should be renewed at least 2 months before the date of expiration at the Police and Border Guard Board.
More information can be found from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board web page.

Non EU/EAA citizens have to register their place of residence in the Local Government authority within 1 month from the arrival to Estonia on the basis of residence permit for study.
You can register as a citizen of Tallinn in one of the Population Register Offices in Tallinn.

The following documents are needed:
• identity document,
• tenancy contract (from your dormitory or from private apartment).