Euroacademy offers courses for ERASMUS+ students in the programmes of International Relations, Translation, Business Management, Interior Design and Fashion Design.

In addition, the courses in Russian are offered within whole curriculum in the faculties of Business Management, Environmental Protection, Translation and Design.

Academic Calendar 2017/18 is HERE

Curricula for the spring term 2017/2018

Subject code Subject name ECTS
Faculty of Environmental protection 
EPEN1021 Geographical information systems (theory) 2
EPEN1022 Geographical information systems (ArcGis-9) 2
EPEN1050 General Biology 4
EPEN1060 Geography 3
EPEN1070 General and environmental physics 4
EPEN1091 Limnology 2.5
EPEN1100 Meteorology and climatology 4
EPEN1150 Fundamentals of Environmental Science and Techno-ecology 4
EPEN1190 Environmental Law 3.5
EPEN1200 Fundamentals of Environmental Economics 4
EPEN1220 Environmental Damage: Assessment and Treatment 3
GPEN6080 Office Work Management 2
Faculty of business management
BPEN1150 Money and Banking 4.5
BPEN1120 Logistics 3
Basics of economic policy 3
BPEN1080 Strategic Management 3
K091 Business English 3
Financial Accounting 4
Financial markets and institutions 4.5
BPEN1070 Organisational Behaviour 4.5
BPEN1050 Information Technology 4.5
Faculty of International relations
RPEN1230 Political Geography 3
RPEN1040 International Organizations 3
RPEN1140 Estonian Foreign Policy 3
RPEN1250 Political Technologies and Communications 3
RPEN3010 Democracy theories 3
RPEN1090 Research Methods in Social Science 3
GPEN6070 Fundamentals of Economics 3
K024 English Language in International Relations – II 3
RPEN1130 International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution 3
RPEN4030 Information and Analytical Practice 9
Faculty of Translation
EMEN1030 Professional Terminology of Environmental Protection in English


GPRU6091 Fundamentals of Research 1.5